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meer, Meer, MEER


   "meer, Meer, MEER" (In german "mehr" means "more" and "Meer" means "sea"), is a contemporary circus performance that appeals to a young audience and inspires them with ecological-political themes. The fairy tale "The Fisherman and his Wife" is presented with new circus arts (aerial acrobatics, juggling, partner acrobatics), and performance art.

    In the play by the Brothers Grimm, the fisherman's wife becomes increasingly greedy after one of her wishes has been fulfilled. The fisherman meets her needs with the help of an enchanted fish, but the price is an increasingly wild, dark, threatening sea. While at the beginning of the fairy tale the sea is still clear, which can be interpreted as the clear spirit of the wishfully happy fisherman, it becomes increasingly murky and dangerous due to the woman's greed. The greediness makes so to say the water of the mind dirty.


    The ecological theme combined with breathtaking high circus art captivates not only the students but also their parents and teachers.

Play/ circus arts: Thibault Gouin & Leila Köckenberger  

Direction: Francois Kah (Collectif les Alices) / LaMule cirque


with the support of :



Work in Progress

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