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(The project is now running under "Monokyklo" a greek Circus and Social Circus organisation)


“If the children can't come to us, then we must go to them.”

     Since June 2021 we have been regularly leading circus workshops and organising performances on the island; we have been just as active in Greek schools as with the refugee community. 


    In December 2021,  Thibault and Leila (with their 2 children) settled for 7 months in Mytilene (capital of the North Aegean region, Lesbos), to continue to develop the project with the indispensable support of a permanent pedagogical team and local partners. 


    We are strong believers in the positive impact and change that circus has for all people, so we make sure that access to our activities is inclusive for everyone- locals and refugees. 

    In order to reach our different target groups we are collaborating with many different partners, different NGOs such as: One Happy Family center, Yoga & Sport for refugees, Medical Volunteers International, as well as with schools, kindergartens and local arts foundations (as “Art and Choir center of Poliana and Poliphonica/ Cantalaloun”).


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